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Valstybes tobulinimo technologija

Apdovanojimai: 5 Šiandien užmačiau pora įdomių dalykų apie fs Unfortunately there is not much official information on Farming Simulator site. Well it works. Firstly, everyone is happy to hear that FS 17 is at least officially confirmed.

Vyrai su didintu nariu nuotrauka

Even better news is that there will be more depth in livestock area of the game. Well-known agriculture sector company Lely publicized in its website that Farming Simulator will be updated with various types of milking and harvesting technique such su padidintu nuotrauka mower, tedder, rake and loader wagon.

Kaip padidinti nari per trumpa laika

Preparing grass and hay will be much easier and efficient! Talking about the process of milking, Farming Simulator 17 fans should be very pleased — new game version will be updated with the famous Lely Astronaut A4 Milking Robot. This famous machine will make your milking as optimized as never before.

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You can also take care of cows better with the Lely Luna cow brush. Probably no one expected of these Milking narys, at least not loudly.

For this reason the arrival of new version is extremely expected.

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Everyone is interested and we look forward to hearing more official information. Definitely, there should be more Milking narys both in technique and graphics.

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Availability for the users is not in the last place too. Although there are some opinions that GIANTS are releasing new versions too often and improvements are not developed enough. Kol kas tik tiek radau info, jei radote daugiau, pasidalinkit. Svajunas :VytautasTadas ir kitas 9 Patinka ši žinutė.

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